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End of life for maintenance of SAP ECC is set for 2027.

  • SAP's next-generation business suite - S/4HANA - drives digital enablement across your enterprise. It streamlines business processing, fosters better integration capabilities and builds deeper customer connections. It is Intelligent ERP software that offers you a competitive advantage by automating manual tasks, detecting new revenue opportunities and boosting productivity.

  • With 25+ years experience innovating with SAP solutions, DXC understands that every business is at different stages on their migration journey to S/4HANA. With thousands of SAP experts globally, we know how to accelerate value, maximise benefits, and minimise costs for businesses of all sizes.

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The Digital Core

Welcome to your Intelligent ERP,
your digital imperative

S/4HANA is complemented with an entire set of solutions to drive business value on the edge of the enterprise.

This is just the beginning of what
to expect from S/4HANA.

of SAP

  • The clock is ticking. Don't let your competitors pull too far ahead.

  • Why? Because Intelligent technology has become a huge competitive game changer.

    The cycle time for innovation is now 5‐10X faster*, so businesses simply can't compete unless complexity is reduced, and data is used to create value for customers and shareholders.

    *Source: SAP S/4HANA One-Page snapshot. Benefits are based on the experiences of early adopters of SAP S/4HANA.

Acting sooner saves time and money

Source: SAP Benchmarking 2016

ROI after

Looking for return on investment statistics to reinforce your business case? Analyst firm IDC reviewed 10 companies post S/4HANA deployment to determine the ROI. Results include:

The financial gains for the 10 companies arrived through:

Source: IDC SAP HANA ROI, Feb 2018 measured in USD

Find out more about building a business case and roadmap for S/4HANA or book your first consultation with us here.


Intelligent Roadmap: a smarter approach

DXC Oxygen has worked closely with SAP, our partners, and our customers to develop an "Intelligent" approach to the evaluation and implementation of S/4HANA, helping many businesses identify and optimise where business and IT value exists.


intelligent roadmap

Leverages the capability of our strategic partner IBIS, whose technology enables quick definition of the impact and roadmap to S/4HANA, and analytical insights for better decision making at speed. This is where the Intelligence lies.

Whether this is the start, or an extension of your cloud ERP migration, DXC Oxygen can help your business achieve the best of both worlds without compromise and demonstrate real value.

Reduction in implementation time, improving time-to-market and utilisation of new SAP-based capabilities.

“Our business case identified business benefits of going to the SAP platform of about $68 million in quantifiable benefits. We're up in the (low) 70s now, so we've exceeded that.”

TasNetworks - from 60 legacy systems
to SAP S/4HANA with DXC Oxygen.

Book your initial complimentary consultation to explore the considerations unique to your business.


Intelligent Migration makes
all the difference

DXC Oxygen understands the path to S/4HANA is different for each SAP-enabled business. We will work closely with your business and SAP to ensure the roadmap, migration, and adoption lifecycle are flexible, value-driven engagements.

DXC's unique 'Intelligent Migration'
approach simplifies SAP transformations,
delivering the following benefits:

  • 50%+ reduction in project timelines with automated code remediation*
  • Higher quality project outcome through absolute predictability and accuracy
  • Upgrade and migrate in a single go-live project
  • Automated transformation at higher speed and lower risk
  • Data separation and splitting options with go-live anytime with 'near zero' downtime

(Source: Case Study SmartShift Technologies 2015)

as a Service for SAP

DXC Platform as a Service (PaaS) for SAP offers an integrated, full-stack SAP systems management solution that runs on either a private cloud or public cloud platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Flexible, secure, pay as you go, highly scalable.

More information on DXC PaaS for SAP here

Peace of mind for a seamless migration.

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Time is
of the

Discover more S/4HANA
business benefits, or book your
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DXC Oxygen right now.

S/4HANA delivers up to:

Reduction in time to market
Reduction in maintenance costs
Lower total cost of ownership
Lower operational costs

Source: SAP: The Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise. An End-
to-End Approach from Value Discovery to Value Delivery Aligned
to the Customers' Business Priorities

Keeping good company

“Our business case identified business benefits of going to the SAP platform of about 68 million dollars in quantifiable benefits, we are currently on track to deliver or exceed that.”

TasNetworks - from 60 legacy systems
to SAP S/4HANA with DXC Oxygen.

“DXC's innovative delivery approach, commitment to planned milestones, collaboration with our core business team, tools and accelerators, helped Everest achieve the SAP S/4HANA 1709 journey in just 100 days, with no loss of sales during the transition.”

Your complimentary consultation

  • As a precursor to a deeper S/4HANA Innovation Analysis, your initial 1-day workshop with DXC Oxygen gives your business a first look at S/4HANA business applications, considerations, and resulting benefits.

    This no-charge session lays out the next steps you can expect, including a business wide system review and recommendations for your unique Intelligent Roadmap.

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